About Us

MEASA World are a conglomerate of offerings Technology, Consulting, Engineering, Real Estate, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Education.

our company mission

To foster a culture of partnership by putting our clients’ interests above our own, providing the highest level of integrity and commitment.

We base all our decisions on what’s best for: 1st – our clients, 2nd – our Company as a whole and 3rd – individual team members.

our company Vision

To inspire a positive lasting impact by providing an outstanding
and consistent customer experience all the time.

Core Values


Integrity means everything to us. With professional integrity, we adhere to the right things consistently. We always honor our commitments and are truthful and honest with our stakeholders, maintain the confidentiality of client information and respect the different cultures and traditions they represent.



Which means enthusiasm and drive for excellence in all our actions and dealings and a continuous quest to deliver value to our clients.



Which means our commitment to provide the highest level of service by being solution-based and always finding a way to meet our clients’ needs. We are
committed to discharge quality, value delivery and accountability in our undertakings.



Which means simplicity, fairness and cheerfulness in our approach to issues and relationships and respect for every individual.


Priyantha Palapathwala Chairman & Managing Director