We connect you to the natural world by providing you with natural, fresh spices, vegetables and fruits free from all forms of chemicals.

We at Agro Pro Ceylon are committed to the Highest Standards of Ecological Responsibility
We strongly believe that the way the world today predominantly grows food is not sustainable. It’s entirely wrecking nature.

In Sri Lanka, organic farming has been a long-practiced tradition. A few centuries ago, local farmers trusted and employed traditional pest control methods and fertilizers to bring up their plants instead of pumping up them with numerous chemicals.

We work in close collaboration with our partner Malsiri Lanka (Pvt) Limited who has launched a massive campaign to revert farming in Sri Lanka to the status that existed a few centuries ago.

As partners, we are working together to look after both the environment of our land and to contribute towards the healthy living of our customers both locally and internationally by providing them with fresh and highest quality spices, vegetables, and fruits both in raw and processed forms free from all sorts of chemicals.