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Priyantha Palapathwala

Chief Executive Officer

Priyantha co-founded MEASA Consulting Private Limited in 2015. He was previously the Chief Executive Officer and Program Director at George Steuart Optimize Private Limited.

With over 25 years of consulting and industry experience within the ERP space and an extensive background in engineering Priyantha brings deep understanding of how technology can transform and reshape industries, enabling innovation and driving responsible use of resources.

Priyantha also co-founded MEASA Engineering Services Private Limited and Cybix Consulting FZ LLC. Also, he is the co-founder of Fablanka Foundation, a not-for-profit organization to promote Digital Fabrication and Industry 4.0 Technologies in Sri Lanka.

Previously he spent 15 years as an ERP Consultant representing IFS, the global enterprise solutions provider in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and South African regions. Apart from being a Consultant he had held positions of Director Automotive Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering IFS Asia Pacific, Senior Project Manager IFS Middle East, and Consulting Manager IFS South Asia.

Priyantha started his career as an Engineer in the steel industry and he is a Chartered Engineer by profession. He holds a BEng in Manufacturing Engineering from University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka and an MBA from University of Wales UK. He also has earned a Graduate Certification in Electronics & Computer Engineering and Professional Certifications in Project Management and Asset Management.

He has spoken at major IT & business conferences and has received commendations as a Guest Speaker/Visiting Lecturer at universities and professional bodies in Sri Lanka.

Ali is an ERP expert and an IT specialist. In a professional career spanning over 15 years, he has been associated with the IT industry, mainly as an IFS ERP Consultant and Software Engineer, Project Manager, moving up the career ladder to Project Director.

He is versatile and covers a range of IT disciplines – ERP, Software Engineering, Data Base Administration, Cybersecurity and infrastructure.

In the capacity of Project Director and Solutions Architect, he manages, inter alia, many of Group’s large scale ERP implementations and integrations.

Ali holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Al-Khair University in Pakistan.

Ali Raza

Project Director

Wansapriya Gunaseela

Director, Operational Excellence

Wansapriya, a seasoned veteran with over 25 years in manufacturing leadership, boasts an exceptional aptitude for strategic planning, analysis, and adept problem-solving. Throughout his distinguished career, he has held pivotal roles at prominent industry players such as Brandix Lingerie, Comfortwear, and BAM Holding, contributing significantly to their growth and success. Armed with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration, his expertise is fortified by a robust educational background. Notably decorated with leadership awards, he stands out as a beacon in the field and serves as a sought-after management consultant, leveraging his wealth of experience and knowledge to guide and transform businesses. Wansapriya’s remarkable journey stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the manufacturing domain.

Kanchana Bandara

Chief Technical Officer

Kanchana Bandara is a distinguished cybersecurity expert renowned for his profound knowledge and proficiency in the realm of digital security. Armed with a BSc in IT specialized in Cybersecurity, his journey in safeguarding the digital landscape has been underscored by an impressive array of certifications and licenses including CEH (Master), CND, CAP, CBP, SSCP, RHCSA, CPTA and CC. 

Kanchana’s expansive expertise encompasses a spectrum of critical domains. With a proven track record, he excels in conducting Web Application Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Network Vulnerability Assessments, and Malware Analysis. His adeptness extends to crafting industry-standard reports for web vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, harnessing tools like Acunetix and BurpSuite, as well as both attacking and defensive Linux tools. 

His prowess also encompasses incident handling, incident response, and security awareness programs, exemplified by his skill in addressing Defacement, Email Phishing, Scams, and other Information Security-related incidents. An erudite in root cause analysis through scrutinizing logs and email headers, Kanchana’s multidimensional expertise finds culmination in his role as the founder of HashX CTF. This groundbreaking platform, sponsored by Cybix Consulting, heralds Sri Lanka’s first and only CTF arena for Cyber Drills, attesting to Kanchana’s profound influence in fostering cybersecurity prowess.

Amila joined MEASA in July 2023 as Chief Marketing Officer. Previously he held senior marketing positions in the healthcare industry having an international track record delivering growth and increasing revenue. Amila, inter alia, brings to the table his expertise in building highly motivated teams within a globally matrixed environment and creating of integrated channels to support cross-functional marketing programs that maximize customer focus and impact.Amila earned his master’s in Business Administration from Cardiff Metropolitan University of UK and Doctorate in Business Management from Brampton University, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Amila Herath

Chief Marketing Officer

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